Königlicher Hirschgarten München - Biergarten


First, a few words about our beergarden in Munich. In the summertime the beergarden serves as a living room for the people of Munich. There isn't a warm pleasant evening or weekend, that the city's inhabitants would pass up the opportunity to enjoy dining and socializing in a cozy beergarden.


The clrinking of large beer mugs, and the tantalizing aromas of roasting rotisserie chicken and pork knuckles wafting through the air even from a distance, conjure up Bavaria's special brand of "live and let live".


The typical bavarian Brotzeit ( lunch, or snack) is of course also a part of the beergarden tradition. To make the daily Mass ( liter mug ) affordable, radishes, bread and meat salad ( for example!) brought from home, may be consumed in the beergarden . Only cool beverages and beer have to be purchased from the innkeeper. Tradition also holds that the beer mugs that are provided, are washed by the guests themselves!.


The Hirschgarten offers all of the best ingredients to enjoy these traditions. There are 8000 seating places situated under shady chestnut trees and as well as numerous sunshades. Those who would like to relax and enjoy the table service, can of course do just that in the service areas of the beer garden. These service areas seat 1200 guests. Additionally, there are self-service counters to cater to the needs of our guests.


The selection of tasty foods offers something for everyone, such as typical Bavarian tidbits and lunches, accompanied by a cool mug of freshly- tapped beer or two.


The beergarden is situated in a gorgeous setting of greenery.


Lush surrounding meadows offer plenty of space for children to romp around. It's also worth seeing the game reserve with 30 deer, located directly next to the beergarden.


Enjoy our large variety of treats with a cool mug of refreshing Augustiner beer- directly from the cask- under the shady chestnut trees. Besides pork knuckles,we offer roast pork, spareribs, rotisserie chicken, freshly baked pretzels, as well as a large selection of delicious salads. Our homemade cakes and a large variety of homemade ice creams help to round out our extensive selection of culinary treats.



The Königlicher Hirschgarten in Munich - Restaurant - Event location - Beergarden - Munich

Königlicher Hirschgarten München - Biergarten


Königlicher Hirschgarten München - Biergarten