Königlicher Hirschgarten München - Biergarten

A short beer lore

The brewing liquor determines the individual character of a beer.. It meets the highest quality standards which far exceed those of drinking water. As varied as the regional, especially -pure natural water sources in various parts of Bavaria are ( especially with regard to mineral content such as calcium and magnesium) so too, the beers which are brewed from them vary considerably in taste.


Malt and hops are the components which give a beer its characteristic taste and aroma. The beer connoisseur can taste and smell the distinctive character of the malt, which can vary from sorts which are very fine, to very strong. The brewer composes the balanced bitterness of the hops as a harmonious counterpoint to the sweetness of the malt. The hops in a beer can be characterized as varying from fine to distinctive.


The wort of a beer refers to the percentage of malt sugar and the contents of the solution resulting from the combination of malt and hops before fermentation. The majority turns into alcohol and carbonic acid during fermentation.. The alcohol content of the beer corresponds to approximately 40% of the original wort percentage( with the exception of alcohol-free beer). The unfermented remainder of the wort gives the beer its more or less distinctive „mildly spicy taste".


Yeast ferments malt sugar to alcohol and carbonic acid. Top-fermented yeasts rise to the top during fermentation, while bottom-fermented yeasts sink to the bottom during fermentation. Top-fermented beers are much fruitier in taste. If beer is not filtrated it will retain a cloudy appearance, which can range from opalescent to opaque.


Carbonic acid is produced during fermentation and maturation of the beer. It is bonded in the beer under counter- pressure and gives the beer the lively and tingly taste that beer-lovers enjoy. When poured, it gradually dissolves and rises in tiny bubbles which create the fine-pored foam that gives the beer its fresh appearance.


Source: Bavarian Brewers Federation e,V. , Munich



The Königlicher Hirschgarten in Munich - Restaurant - Event location - Beergarden - Munich

Königlicher Hirschgarten München - Biergarten


Königlicher Hirschgarten München - Biergarten