Königlicher Hirchgarten München

The Sacral Dinner

The murders continue. Following Sacral Dinner 1, we continue with our success. With Sacral Dinner 2, the producers of Dine & Crime have achieved a true masterpiece. Murder-mystery gourmets can already look forward to a brand-new case taking place within the sanctimoniously hallowed walls of our venue. Who is the murderer or maybe, the murderess?


Royal Hirschgarten - Dine & Crime

Allow yourself to once again be abducted into a bizarre world for a couple of hours, where, despite even more intrigues and more crimes, there will be quite a bit to laugh about as well. A journey back into the history of the 16th century, brings to light the dark secret that to this very day still casts its shadow over the deceptive coziness of the village of Ponte dell Olio in Emilia Romagna. A murder case related to a Bavarian recipe for beer in the Middle Ages has still not ceased to haunt the modern-day villagers.


The scene of the crime, 500 years later. The local priest invites the villagers to a church celebration with a gourmet candlelight dinner. The setting could not be any more impressive. The priest is assisted by his rather earthy but good-natured housekeeper. As the head of the parsonage she has everything and everyone firmly under her control. But, appearances are deceiving. Behind the facade of village decorum, resentments are simmering... The villagers are to meet illustrious guests who will honor the dinner with their presence. Amongst them will be an adversary of the priest, a crafty entrepreneur, along with his wife.


Now it's your turn!


After all, this enthralling murder mystery can only be solved with the assistance of our respectable guests and our attentive audience. This is sure to be an evening of surprises, murderous suspense and devilish fun, all accompanied by a truly heavenly dinner!



The Königlicher Hirschgarten in Munich - Restaurant - Event location - Beergarden - Munich

Königlicher Hirchgarten München


Königlicher Hirchgarten München