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Event Rooms

Below, you will find an overview of the rooms that we can make available to you for your events. The rooms are of various sizes and are of course, all equipped with state- of -the -art technical facilities. More detailed information on individual rooms is presented further down on the page.


Event rooms - Room plans. Please click on the image to enlarge.




Ludwigstüberl and Entenstüberl:

Each of these event rooms can accommodate 28 seating places for your events. These rooms are located adjacent to each other, and may also be booked together.



Our "Jägerstüberl" event room is suitable for celebrations and events for up to 24 guests.



The "Hubertusstüberl" event room can accommodate 50 guests.



Our "Herzogstubn" event room can accommodate 180 seating places. It is possible to divide this room into separate areas with each area seating 30 guests .This room can accommodate 250 guests for stand-up affairs and buffets. The "Herzogstubn" also features a separate entrance and it opens directly onto our beergarden area, which offers large sunshades. We will gladly arrange to partition-off the adjacent section of the beer garden, making it possible to hold an indoor/outdoor event. For this reason, our "Herzogstubn" event room is also ideal for larger events to be held in the summer.



Our "Stadl" event room also features a separate entrance. Furthermore,The "Stadl" features a bar and a stage and a raised seating area. The Stadl is designed for 180 seating places. For stand-up parties and events, or buffets, it is suitable for 230 guests.


Stadl & Herzogstubn:

These two rooms can easily be combined. As a result, a total of 320 seating places can become available for festivities, receptions or other types of large events. For stand-up receptions with a buffet, the capacity would be increased to 450 guests.



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Königlicher Hirchgarten München - Veranstaltungen


Königlicher Hirchgarten München - Veranstaltungen