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Bavarian Cooking

For all the lovers of hearty Bavarian cooking, we offer a selection of Bavarian appetizers and soups, main dishes, and, of course, Bavarian desserts. Last but not least, we also offer a selection of traditional sausages, and snacks of breads, cheeses and cold cuts. We invite you to enjoy our Bavarian delicacies- Guten Appetit!

Typical Bavarian appetizers:

  • Radishes with bread with chives
  • Pancake soup with chives
  • Swabian egg noodle and liver soup
  • Potatoe soup with marjoram and bacon

Bavarian sausages and snacks served daily from 9am:

  • Sauteed delicate pork pate made with onion , garlic and eggs, served with a fried egg and Leberkaese
  • 2 Pairs of grilled pork sausages with Sauerkraut
  • 2 Pairs of Vienese sausages served with sauerkraut or potatoe salad
  • 2 Munich-style veal sausages
  • Munich-style meat salad served with onions and sour pickles and bread
  • Homemade jellied meat with fried potatoes
  • Mixed cheese plate with savoury Bavarian cheese spread, radishes and homemade bread and butter
  • Mild soft Bavarian Andechs Romadur cheese served with onions and homemade bread
  • Soft , oven-fresh Bavarian (bread) pretzels

Hearty Bavarian tidbits:

  • Homemade Bavarian hamburger with potatoe salad
  • Grilled heart of veal with herb butter and fried potatoes
  • Prime boiled beef with fresh horseradish and salted boiled potatoes
  • 1/2 knuckle of pork with potatoe dumplings
  • Bavarian roast pork with potatoe dumplings and bacon and cabbage salad
  • Bavarian frying pan with a knuckle of pork, duck, roast pork, and potatoe dumplings
  • Roast venison from the haunch with a mushroom cream sauce, Swabian egg pasta and lingonberries
  • ¼ or ½ Bavarian duck. with red cabbage with apples and potatoe dumplings
  • Strips of venison with lingonberry sauce and wild mushrooms, served with homemade noodles

Don't miss the desserts in our Bavarian restauarant!

  • Homemmade Bavarian creme with cherry liqueur and fresh fruits
  • Sweet yeast dumpling with vanilla sauce
  • Caramelized pancake slices with raisins and with apple sauce.
  • Red fruit jelly with vanilla sauce
  • Homemade ice creams

We have come up with some delicious Bavarian specialties for you as well!

If you would like to savour some authentic local dishes, let us whisk you away on a culinary journey, and experience our" All you can eat " Pork knuckle buffet. Besides our delicious pancake soup, you can choose from hearty Bavarian main dishes such as : pork knuckles, suckling pig knuckles, lamb knuckles or veal knuckles, complimented of course, by our selection of tasty bread dumplings, potatoe dumplings, sauerkraut and red cabbage! For dessert, treat yourself to our Rohrnudel pastries with vanilla sauce. . Please click here to find out when we offer our wonderful "All you can eat" Pork knuckle buffet! .

Dining Bavarian style- a historical tradition at the Hirschgarten!

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Königlicher Hirschgarten München - Restaurant